Justice League Unlimited

The Secret Society of Super Villans

The Thinker II

Atomic Skull
Blockbuster I

Blockbuster II

Count Vertigo
Crowbar I

Crowbar II

Dr. Cyber I

Dr. Cyber II

Dr. Destiny I

Dr. Destiny II

Dr. Destiny III

Electrocutioner I

Electrocutioner II

Evil star I

Evil Star II
Fast Ball I

Fast Ball II




Hellgramite I

Hellgramite II

Live Wire

Major Disaster I

Major Disaster II
Merlyn I

Psycho Pirate

Queen Bee

Rampage I

Rampage II

Rampage III


Silver Banshee I

Silver Banshee II


Sportsmaster I

Sportsmaster II


Tattooed Man

The Key

The Shark

Thinker I

Tsukuri I

Tsukuri II


Lady Lunar

Shade I

Shade II

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